Ég þekki verkin þín, elsku þína og trú, þjónustu þína og þolgæði og veit að hin síðari verk eru meiri en hin fyrri.  Opinberunarbókin 2:19 

Hús mitt skal nefnast bænahús fyrir allar þjóðir


Icelandic House of prayer - Icehop  

- Apostle Kolbeinn Sigurðsson is Founder (2006) and President of Icehop.
To contact: kolbeinn@baenahusid.is

The vision for the Icelandic House of prayer is according to following:

1. Prayer

- Prayer for the nation and its people. We believe and trust that powerful prayers of faith will bring the nation rich blessing of God. We desire that our nation come to know the Lord Jesus Christ and find him as their savior.

- Prayer for prayer groups to rise throughout the country and stand in prayer day and night so the flame may shine continually.

- Prayer for Israel. because we trust in the promise of God; the nation that blesses Israel will be blessed. We also pray for nations that God put on our heart (Genesis 12:3).

2. Worship

- We want to praise the Lord continually. We experience and trust the scripture that says that the Lord is present in the worship of his people (Psalm 22:3).

- Worship that lifts up the name of the Lord Jesus that he draw all men to himself. 

- We express our love to the Lord with worship because we desire to have the presence of the Lord continually among us.

- Worship that involves prayer, music and expression brings us closer to God and touches the heart of God.

3. Raising up people

- We want to do our part to help people step into their calling with the love of Christ. All of us are created to do good works for God's glory, we want to build up individuals and see them flourish in fullfilling the mission that God has entrusted to them. 

- We want to contribute to the five-fold ministry, apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, to be effective in the body of Christ to help people find their purpose and help them into the service in the kingdom of God, as well as to encourage people to grow spiritually and become the spiritually bride of the Lord Jesus Christ (Ephesians 4:11-15).

- We want to promote missions, see the kingdom of God grow and its borders to expand to the whole world for God's glory. our vision is to operate under the missionary command of the Lord, for he has clothed us with the shoes readiness to preach the Gospel with love, baptise believers in the name of Jesus, pray for people to be filled with the Holy Spirit, and make people disciples of Christ by teaching them the word of God (Matthew 28:18-20).

  Bænahúsið | Fagraþing 2a | 203 Reykjavík Ísland | baenahusid@baenahusid.is  
  Banki: 0116-05-063995 | kt. 460406-1370